Where is Your Journey Taking You?


compassWe are all on a journey and that journey has us dealing with different issues at different times. It’s easy to lose your way. SCC wants to help you find a navigation partner for the stage of journey you are currently on. It’s our desire to join together people at similar checkpoints in their life and provide the opportunity to navigate this terrain together.

Currently, SCC has Pathfinder groups that are doing topical Bible studies, studying the book of 1 Samuel, discussing the great theological themes of the Bible, and working through a book on controlling our speech. One of those may be exactly what you’re looking for….or….maybe not. If so, we’ll plug you in to a group that is up and running. If not, here’s how you can indicate your interest:

Method 1: 
When attending a regular service at Second Chance, you will receive a “Connection Card” with the weekly bulletin, which we call our S.C.UP. (Second Chance Update). On that card, you may check a blank which indicates your interest in finding out more about our small groups. If you check that box, turn it in to the Info Hut, or drop it on our baskets during our offering time, someone will contact you with more information to help you get connected. 
Method 2: 
You can attend a regularly scheduled “Trail Mix(er)”. The Trail Mix is a gathering of those that are already involved in Pathfinder groups. It is a time for sharing a meal, laughing together, and finding new trail partners that are ready to hit the trail. Opportunities will be available to join an existing Pathfinder group or to start a new one.



Trail Mixers Will Be Announced Throughout the Year

These dates and times are subject to change, but the current plan will be for these Trail Mixes to take place at Second Chance Church with a “potluck” sort of approach to a shared meal for the evening. Weather permitting, these will take place in the back courtyard which will allow for wiener roasts in the fire pits or grilling on the grills.

We hope you’ll take us up on the offer to join us on the trail. Traveling together is much better!

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