SCC is a place where all the people you see are imperfect, still-trying-to-figure-it- out people. But that doesn’t mean that we’re not trying. In fact, we are doing our best to become all that God made us to be… and we’re committed to helping each other along the way. We hope that appeals to you and that you’ll join us in the journey.


31 years ago, the hottest club in Peoria and Central Illinois opened it’s doors. The Second Chance played host to Van Halen, Joe Cocker, REO Speedwagon, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and many others. It was great and it was exciting. People once waited in line just to get in. But it’s season passed. As the years rolled by, it went through a variety of personalities and names such as “Stage 2?, “Sneakers”, “Revelation” on one side and O’Leary’s on the other. But once again, the season passed. After several years of neglect and being forgotten by the community, the building was slated to be destroyed. What once was a vibrant place to be, what once held such great promise, stood on the brink of destruction.


Fortunately, the grand old building received it’s own second chance… and is now home to a church that celebrates the history of the building and was even inspired by it’s name. Second Chance Church is here to open it’s doors to everyone who feels they need a second chance (and who doesn’t?). Whether you need a do-over at living a life of adventure, cultivating rewarding friendships that last, handling your finances in a sensible way, making the most of your career, building a better marriage and family, or simply being able to laugh and enjoy life… this is a place for you.


Second Chance Church is a church of imperfect people inviting other imperfect people to join us as we experience the Second Chance that Jesus Christ gives us all. Please come and be our guest. We’re sure you’ll feel at home here.

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