Long before a house is ever physically built, it starts with a dream.  The dream becomes a plan.  The plan becomes a blueprint.  And ultimately, the blueprint becomes the guide to reality.  For many people, they need to see the blueprints before they’re sold on the house.  They want to know that the plans are sound.  They want to know the dimensions.  They want to see the DETAILS.

Well, if that describes you, here’s where you can find out all about us.  All the nuts and bolts…(well maybe not all.  We’re still in the development stage…but you get the idea…and it sounds good).  This is where you can see if our plans are sound.  So, grab a tape measure and get to work.

Not Your Typical Church

Welcome to our online real estate holdings.  Those who know us, know that we do things a bit differently at Second Chance Church.  In order to help you as quickly as possible, we might as well try to set the record straight up front.
We are:

  • .05% Traditional
  • 7.8% Cautious
  • 33% Above average height
  • 49.9999% Humorous
  • 50.1111% Serious (Hey…we’re a church.  We have to be at least a little more serious than not)
  • 62% Risky
  • 84% Bold
  • 100% Real

We are not interested in “playing church”.  Most people who have been down that road have decided once is enough.  For others who have never been to church, their time is too valuable to waste it going through the motions in any endeavor.  So, we’ve made a choice to set aside a lot of the baggage that comes with church and just be real, honest, and even a bit raw.

But we’re convinced that’s actually the model of the One whose teachings we believe….JESUS CHRIST! Jesus was nothing if not radical.

He challenged the religious crowd…He challenged convention….He challenged people’s thinking….He challenged the status quo.  He was so unorthodox that the powers that be conspired to have him killed.  So, we think we’re in good company being a bit “out of the ordinary”.

Within these pages, you will find the opportunity to dig a little deeper and find out more about us.  We encourage your exploration.  I hope the discoveries you make while here will encourage you in your own faith journey and spiritual transformation.  If it leads you to find yourself hanging out with us on a Sunday morning, you will find yourself among friends.

Grab your shovel (ok…a mouse will do), and enjoy!  Thanks for dropping by!